a member of the smectite family is a 2:1 clay, meaning that it has 2 tetrahedral sheets sandwiching a central octahedral sheet.  The particles are plate-shaped and extremely small with an average diameter of approximately 1 micrometer.  Montmorillonite’s colloidal nature lends it well to the transport of nutrients and enhanced bioavailability of nutrients. 

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Book Review of and Excerpts from:
Secrets Of The Soil
New Age Solutions for Restoring Our Planet
© 1989 by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird
Authors of the Secret Life of Plants
Harper & Row Publishers, NY
Isbn 0-06-015817-4
Lib. Congr. S591.T64


Montmorillonite tetrahedral molecular geometry 





Plant Families Helped 
Plant families documented to have benefited from PANÁK-ITE


Bamboo [GRAMINEAE (Grass) Family]

Nursery store owner amazed at revival of a dying bamboo plant

    Blueberries [ERICACEAE]
A burst of tempting berries within two weeks of application.
    Blue Spruce [PINACEAE] 
Dozens of new extensions to branches.
    Buckwheat [POLYGONACEAE]
Treated patch boasts essentially a 100% sprout rate.
    Christmas Cactus [CACTACEAE]
Plant, dormant for 2 years, blooms promptly after application.
    Citrus [RUTACEAE]
Citrus Blight Disease decreased 98.21% on treated plots.
    Cucumbers [CUCURBITACEAE]
Best squash and most delicious cantaloupes ever!
    Fairway Grass
Fairway grass germination speed increased over three fold.
    Grapes [VITACEAE]
50% gain over non-treated vines.
    Ornamental & Exotic Flowers [COMPOSITAE]
Improved growth and appearance in numerous varieties.
    Potatoes [SOLANACEAE]
Significantly less shrinkage. Firmer and heavier potatoes.
    Effect on sorghum sudan grass
Addition of Montmorillonite results in highest total green mass per container.
    Strawberries [ROSACEAE]
Larger and sweeter strawberries sell like hotcakes.
    Tomatoes [SOLANACEAE]
Double the production. Beefsteak Tomatoes.


    Bulls and Steers 
Cattlemen rave about PANÁK-ITE as part of bovine diet.
    Dairy Cattle and Calves
Dairy cattle thrive on PANÁK-ITE.
    Deer eat Montmorillonite Clay
A property owner finds deer snacking on montmorillonite minerals.

  Documented Feedlot Savings
Net feed cost savings resulting from montmorillonite mineral supplements.
     Equine Magazine Article
Improved health with 20% reduction in feed consumption.
    Effect of mineral supplements on swine
Montmorillonite supplements exceed results of other brands.
    Farm Fresh Pig Dirt
Pigs just love Tom's Farm Fresh Pig Dirt.
    Turkey Research Project
37% Improvement in mortality rate.

LM new poultry brochure

improvement in growth and less feed